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Live on Kiss FM - A live radio broadcast on Kiss FM!
A little taste of what I play when I'm aiming for a low tempo dancefloor, with a bit of extra experimentation while surfing on the airwaves!
Found only on my Facebook page, hit the link and grab it! - Mixed 04-02-14

Focus Inward (Memekast) - A mix of minimal and heady drum and bass, straddling deep dubstep and sprinkled with ambience.
An inner exploration through rhythm and bass. These are the sounds that open or close the night - Mixed 03-13-12

Psystep - Injest with healthy amounts of bass and crack open your mind. For if you free your mind, your ass will follow - Mixed 08-02-09

The Dutch Tulip - Clouds of ganja smoke fill the dark basement and the walls breath with the basslines. Admittedly our captain for tonight's journey spaces out for a moment,
but in the true spirit of adventure, and to document the trip we'll leave the transmission intact... - Mixed 12-11-08

Holotropic Dancefloor - A test with new tools to transmit the stories and waveforms of the muse, I'm certain this evolution will provide an accelerated advancement
to find where we are going by using the shapes of the future now. Let go and travel inward, dance to forget the past and the illusion of self - Mixed 07-08-08

The Sunset - Gazing out of the window, I realized that I hadn't done a proper dancefloor mix in a while and as the sunset provided the lightshow this popped out of the mixer.
Holotropic Dancefloor Audio Transmissions for 2008, some tracks from our label, and all tracks are available at - Mixed 05-09-08

The Joint - A little adventure into some of the dubstep I've been enjoying recently... a collection of heady vibes, warbled beats, and mystical treats - Mixed 09-18-07

Electroentheogen - A hybrid psychoactive chemical program run by robots to attain a greater understanding of human nature and emotions through artificial intelligence and harmonic waveform.
Although the formula is under intense scrutiny and has not yet been purified, it has been stolen from the robot scientist elite and released to willing psychonaut human explorers.
Minimal side effects remain, the formula could be refined, but the exploration and experimentation goes forward... - Mixed 10-27-05

How I Feel Today - On an overly stoney afternoon a breaks freak (me), a busted mixer, a CDJ, and a turntable, took a moment off from work and came up with this mix.
It's a fun trip through a variety of breakbeat, for the hell of it, in one take... :) - Mixed 08-12-05

Hypnotech Spring Demo 2004 - A hiphopbreakbeatelectro mix that was aired on Breaks FM in the Spring of 2004 - Mixed 06-23-04


Devotion - There are some things I will forever be devoted to - Mixed 04-8-11

The Gift - Music is Healing - Mixed 05-18-09

Smokers Blend V1 - A chilled IDM/Downtempo collection, lightly blended for your smoking pleasure - Mixed 11-11-06

The Landing - An ambient trip for the return to the body - Mixed 09-21-06

Coming Down Mix - A collection of ambient and headspace shapes. A tool for reassembling the monkey brain. - Mixed 08-01-04


Influences [The Cure] - A broken heart and eyeliner - Mixes 3-12-12

Influences [The Rolling Stones] - A collection of my favorite songs from the Stones! - MIxed 12-01-10

Influences [The Orb Vol 1.] - Our first journey to the ultraworld with The Orb - Mixed 09-13-10

Influences [Pink Floyd Vol.1] - New compilation/mix series of my biggest musical influences.
We begin the journey with Pink Floyd, the greatest band of all time ;) - Mixed 11-30-08

Strictly Dub - A collection of some of my favorite roots and dub tunes. Strictly for the smokers - Mixed 08-01-04



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